TRANSFORMER for 24V lights


24V Transformer

IP44 Rated

9W to carry 500 bulbs

20W to carry 1500 bulbs

Can only be used with the following items from the 24V range:

5M black rubber string lights
1.5M clear icicle lights
10M clear string lights
Net lights
Curtain lights 1m x 2m



9W / 20W transformers can be used with the following items. Total items connectable off each transformer listed below depending on size of transformer:

5M black rubber string lights  Up to 10 / 30 sets connectable

1.5M clear icicle lights Up to 11 / 35 sets connectable

Net lights Up to 5 / 17 sets connectable

10M clear string lights  Up to 5 / 15 sets connectable

Curtain lights Up to 5 / 15 sets connectable




Small 9W, Large 20W


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