SOLAR Fire-cracker SEED Lights – Copper or Silver Wire 5M

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Superior quality seed fairy lights with a designer twist


Warm white on silver or copper wire
Solar panel and re-chargeable battery included
100 LED lights on a 5M copper or silver wire
LED spacing: 5cm



Solar Firecracker Seed Fairy Lights – 5M LED

These unique and fun fire-cracker LED seed fairy lights on a delicate copper or silver wire give out a gorgeous soft light to create a warm magical atmosphere.

Use as a traditional line of fairy lights around a tree to create a wonderful lighting effect – these lights can be bent into any shape you chose.

These fire-cracker seed lights also come as a BATTERY option with cool white / warm white LEDs on a silver or copper wire. When darkness descends these lights will burst into life and look spectacular in trees or along fence lines.

SOLAR option comes with own solar panel and re-chargeable battery
100 LEDs on a 5M copper wire or silver wire
LED spacing: 5cm

5M Fire-cracker Seed Lights

Copper wire warm white SOLAR, Silver wire warm white SOLAR


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