1. Don’t go cheap
What you get is what you pay for – before you buy some cheap Christmas lights because you think they are saving you money, think about whether it might be a better investment to spend a bit more on good quality lights which will last. In the long term this will save you a lot more money and you won’t need to throw your half-working lights at the wall in a fit of frustration!

2. Add more lights gradually
It’s expensive to buy a huge Christmas light collection for your house, especially if you are buying quality ones. A good idea is to keep adding one or two items every year. This way your house will gradually become more and more of a stunning display plus you will always have some new lights to get excited about and impress the neighbours with – without making a huge dent in your wallet.

3. Take time to think through your design
Before you race up the ladder with your Christmas lights in tow take a moment to think about which lights will look the best where. Some lights will work better with certain architecture – for instance icicle lights always look great around rooflines or along balconies. Curtain lights look amazing over windows and large walls. At The Fairy Light Shop we have a huge range of lights available and we can advise you about which ones would look best on your house so if you need some help please contact us

4. Take care when installing your lights
Make sure you install the lights well. There’s nothing that looks worse than fairy lights sagging where they shouldn’t or which have become detached and left hanging mid-air. Make cable ties, cable clips and cup-hooks your friend. Fairy lights love to be installed in straight lines where possible, with unsightly cables out-of-sight. (Except in trees and around gardens where they look best imitating natures curves).

5. Pack the lights away carefully
There is no reason why quality lights shouldn’t last year-in year-out but it doesn’t hurt look after them well. Don’t put your Christmas lights away in a tangled mess – take some time to pack them up properly when you take them down, and store them in boxes and crates in a dry place. Then when you take them out again the following year you will be all ready to go. Trying to pull lights out of a knotted bunch will only stretch the lights and pull them out of their sockets – and you will be over the job before you’ve even begun!